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richard mabey
Richard Mabey (Guest author)

Shieldcast: Episode 013

Richard Mabey on how legaltech is enabling lawyers to do higher value impactful work

Co-founder and CEO of Juro Richard Mabey discusses the importance of developing and iterating product features as well as the driving factors for behavioural change in the legal sector. 



In this Transactions Management episode of Shieldcast, Jack and Geoff discuss:  

  • Why engaging with customers is so important for continuous product improvement
  • The art and science of developing a pricing strategy 
  • How to find a content niche, deliver engaging pieces and build a community
  • Why there is a clear distinction between designing a product for in-house versus private practice lawyers, and whether this is changing
  • What is driving behavioural change and innovation in the legal sector


About our guest

Richard Mabey is co-founder, CEO at Juro - the all-in-one contract automation platform.

Richard trained as a corporate lawyer with Freshfields before an MBA at INSEAD and a product role at LegalZoom.

He's a Fellow of the RSA, an alum of the Georgetown Leadership Seminar and a Non-Executive Director of Bright Blue.

Learn more about Juro: 

Website: www.juro.com 

LinkedIn: Juro

Twitter: @GetJuro

Richard contributed to our recent Transaction Management eBook. You can read his insights on how document formats will change in the future by downloading the book here


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