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Automate time-consuming verification and payment processing

A dedicated legal payments platform

Receiving and sending money is typically a manual, risky and admin-heavy process. Shieldpay simplifies this process with three product capabilities: Verify, Hold, and Disburse 


Seamless verification experience

Shieldpay de-risks your payments with our automated Verify capability. Our technology-forward approach ensures transactional parties, whether individuals or corporates, are verified with fast and accurate KYC and AML checks, as well as being compliant with SRA and FCA regulations

Lead with Technology

Get fast and accurate verification of identity and bank details, leveraging the power of open banking technology and credit bureau databases

Know Your Customer

Have peace of mind that all parties are safe and legitimate with KYC checks built in

Anti-Money Laundering

Prevent illegal transactions with robust AML checks on transacting parties

Scaled Due Diligence

Mitigate risk appropriately by scaling due diligence checks, based on individual, company and transaction characteristics


Protect funds until release

Shieldpay takes the weight off your shoulders in facilitating the compliant acquisition and secure storing of funds between payers and payees in your transaction. This could be momentarily to facilitate a simple payment or longer-term to process contingent payments using a digital escrow account

Manage funds securely

Shieldpay segregates and safeguards all Relevant Funds in accordance with the PSR 2017 regulatory requirements

Automate reconciliation

Cut out time-consuming manual reconciliation of funds with Shieldpay's automated process

Hold client monies

Hold funds in escrow for any length of time to meet your transaction needs

Agile project set-up
Access a curated set of banking partners for safeguarding of funds and disbursements

Mass payouts with global reach

Send money to your verified payees around the globe through Shieldpay’s Disburse capability. Specialising in contingent payments, we only send money when conditions of an agreement are met and upon receipt of payment instruction agreed by all relevant parties


Limitless value and volume

Flex our product capabilities to suit your transactional needs, no matter the complexity

Easy authorisation

Take control of the transaction and authorise payments out at the click of a button

Direct payments

Satisfy payees with fast and direct receipt of funds into their bank accounts

International reach

Support international parties with access to our global payment network

Award winning product

Shieldpay’s platform has been recognised for its unique offering and combination of Verify, Hold and Disburse


Elevate transaction security and scalability with the Shieldpay API

Integrate with the Shieldpay API to empower your applications such as case and practice management with secure, scalable, and efficient transaction control. Navigate high-volume, high-value, and complex deals with ease, ensuring funds are securely held and released with precision.

Leverage event-driven architecture, fast updates, and robust compliance checks to deliver a seamless, trustworthy transaction experience, even in the most intricate financial landscapes.


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