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Daniel Grant Smith
Daniel Grant Smith (Guest author)

Shieldcast: Episode 012

Daniel Grant Smith on the barriers to legaltech adoption

Head of Engagement at Legatics Daniel Grant Smith discusses recently conducted research by Legatics into the barriers to legaltech adoption and the findings published in their Behaviour Change and AI Microservices whitepapers.



In this Transactions Management episode of Shieldcast, Dan and Geoff discuss:  

  • What behavioural barriers there are to the adoption of legaltech in law firms
  • Why the structure of billable hours and the challenge of 'not enough time in the day' has prevented lawyers from implementing new technologies
  • How the pandemic has affected the digital transformation of the legal sector
  • To what extent partners need to be driving the uptake of legaltech and their responsibility to role model 
  • How carrying out research and collecting data can influence product developments


About our guest

Daniel Grant Smith trained and qualified as an associate at Hogan Lovells for 5 years, working in the Private Equity/M&A team on transactions of all sizes, from billion-dollar acquisitions to Seed financings. 

Prior to joining Legatics, he completed an MBA at Cambridge University Judge Business School, with his final research paper focusing on barriers to the practical adoption of LegalTech solutions in law firms, and is passionate about law firm innovation and change.

Dan holds a BA (Hons) degree in History from Bristol University.

You can download their whitepapers on identifying barriers to legal technology adoption here.

Learn more about Legatics:

Website: www.legatics.com 

LinkedIn: Legatics

Twitter: @legatics

Dan contributed to our recent Transaction Management eBook. You can read his insights on the barriers to legaltech adoption by downloading the book here.

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