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Jack Shepherd (Guest author)

Shieldcast: Episode 014

Jack Shepherd on the transition from legal practitioner to legal technologist

Legal Practice Lead at iManage Jack Shepherd discusses his experiences making the jump from practicing lawyer to building legaltech products and offers his key pieces of advice and learnings on product development, collecting data and how to incentivise lawyers to adopt new tools.



In this Transactions Management episode of Shieldcast, Jack and Geoff discuss:  

  • Customers as the driving force behind iManage's recent acquisitions to expand their product offerings
  • Why the transition from legal practitioner to legal technologist was the "challenge of a lifetime"
  • How to incentivise lawyers to become interested in and adopt new tools
  • The tension between technology pushing standardisation and a lawyer's inherent want to offer client-centric services
  • What to do about data - the collection process and the insights to be extracted


About our guest

Jack Shepherd is a legal practice lead at iManage. He combines his knowledge of legal technology with his experience working as a restructuring lawyer at an international law firm. He has a focus on the processes lawyers do in their day-to-day working lives, and how technologies and processes can feed into these and actually become adopted on the ground. He has particular expertise in transaction management, e-signatures and knowledge management. 

Learn more about iManage: 

Website: www.imanage.com

LinkedIn: iManage

Twitter: @imanageinc

Jack contributed to our recent Transaction Management eBook. You can read his insights on whether technology has fundamentally changed how we close transactions by downloading the book here

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