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Shieldpay is a trusted and regulated payments provider simplifying litigation payments, with claimant experience at the heart

Over £7bn processed

Shieldpay has processed over £7 billion in transactions to date, helping hundreds of companies like yours with their payment needs

Top 100 law firms

We have worked hand-in-hand with over 100 top tier law firms to help streamline complex payments for their clients

FX for global reach

Send funds to payees internationally with transparent fees and agreements, thanks to our FX capability

Shieldpay streamlines multi-claimant compensation payments

Our Litigation Solution reduces the administrative burden of settling compensation funds. Pay your class of claimants easily with automation, and reduce risk with built-in KYC and bank detail checks


We take the pain out of settlement payouts

The Shieldpay Litigation Solution simplifies the process of funding and sending compensation to claimants, coordinating the necessary KYC and steps to complete safe, secure and compliant payments on your behalf



Solve the complexity of compliance

Prevent fraudulent and inaccurate payments using our automated verification checks. We leverage open banking technology for a smooth claimant journey and bank account checks



Protect funds

Hold compensation funds in FCA and SRA compliant safeguarded accounts until payout is complete



Send payments fast

Send payments fast, within the UK or internationally using our global payment rails. With all parties and funds verified, payment authorisation is easy

Meeting your regulatory compliance requirements

Using Shieldpay, law firms can avoid challenges associated with using client accounts while mitigating risk through the use of our secure payments platform


Why use our litigation solution?

Enhance claimant experience

Provide a streamlined, online payment journey to claimants with open banking, delivering funds quickly and securely

Mitigate risk

Protect personally identifiable information with data transferred securely via APIs for KYC and AML checks

Increase operational efficiency

Relieve the pain of manual tasks with automated reconciliation of funds for compensation payments 


Blueprint to Distribution

A step-by-step guide which takes you through the critical steps litigation teams need to take to ensure claimants receive their funds quickly and efficiently.

Inside you will find chapters on:

  1. Upfront preparation and planning: setting yourself up for success 
  2. Communicating and engaging with clients 
  3. Collecting claimant data 
  4. Choosing the right payments solution
Blueprint to Distribution pages

Pogust Goodhead

One of the UK's leading environmental litigation firms, Pogust Goodhead, uses Shieldpay's Litigation Solution to streamline the claimant payout journey 

“Without Shieldpay we would not be able to manage our high volume of payments with the same level of service quality, fraud protection and speed. By using Shieldpay’s litigation solution, we have been able to reduce the cost of processing compensation funds and been able to seamlessly comply with regulation. Our ongoing relationship with Shieldpay will enable us to scale our operations and pay out more claimants the compensation they deserve.”

Rich Hill - Chief Marketing and Technology Officer, Pogust Goodhead


We're committed to claimant experience

Shieldpay has a customer Trustpilot rating of "Excellent"

5 star rating

"I completed the verification, I waited a day or two and messaged Shieldpay to confirm the verification had gone through, I submitted my maiden name account but the Law firm had my married name so it wouldn’t verify. However this was easily rectified by Shieldpay who sent me another link. Payment was received within 72 hrs. Highly recommend."


5 star rating

"All checked out and the call handler was quick to answer and had a friendly manner. Money appeared in my account within 36 hours. Not many companies left that provide a faultless service. Well done Shieldpay and keep up the good work!"

Mollie Hall

5 star rating

"My solicitor advised that Shieldpay would be in touch to issue payment for a group action settlement.
I was promptly contacted via email with a link to their secure website to verify my bank details, which I did. Within 24 hours the money was in my account.
Thank you Shieldpay!"

Mark Sowery

5 star rating

"Wow! If only everything in life was this seamless, verified details in the morning paid in the afternoon, thank you, keep up the good work."

Trebor Riam

Elevate transaction security and scalability with the Shieldpay API

Integrate with the Shieldpay API to empower your applications such as case and practice management with secure, scalable, and efficient transaction control. Navigate high-volume, high-value, and complex deals with ease, ensuring funds are securely held and released with precision.

Leverage event-driven architecture, fast updates, and robust compliance checks to deliver a seamless, trustworthy transaction experience, even in the most intricate financial landscapes.


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