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Shieldpay's digital escrow is trusted by top 100 law firms in the UK for deals of all complexities and sizes

Over £7bn processed

Shieldpay has processed over £7 billion in transactions to date, helping hundreds of companies like yours with their payment needs

Top 100 law firms

We have worked hand-in-hand with over 100 top tier law firms to help streamline complex payments for their clients

FX for global reach

Send funds to payees internationally with transparent fees and agreements, thanks to our FX capability

Why choose Shieldpay?

Using Shieldpay, law firms can have peace of mind that their own payment compliance requirements are being met through the use of our secure payments platform:

  • Rapid account set up
  • Robust KYC / KYB checks on all transacting parties

Hold funds in escrow to meet your deal requirements

Recent real estate transaction with payments facilitated by Shieldpay’s Escrow application:




Fast and secure solutions to suit your deal

Our Verify, Hold and Disburse product capabilities are flexible across any deal profile from M&A, to supply chain payments, capital raising, and real estate transactions. We offer protection and risk mitigation with funds safeguarded in tier 1 banks. Your point of contact will always be on hand to provide guidance on deal structuring to ensure the outcome you need from your transaction.


Why choose our escrow solution?

Quickly receive a quote and requirements

Speak with the Shieldpay team for expert guidance on completing your next transaction

Robust KYC and verification checks

Our secure digital payment processes and thorough verification checks ensure accuracy, while minimising the chance of errors

Funds digitally released via platform or release notice

Create an easy digital process leaning on the payments expertise of Shieldpay to deliver with effortless efficiency

Case studies

Explore how Shieldpay has transformed the way our customers process complex payments

Case study: Pogust Goodhead

Finding a way to quickly and securely pay thousands of claimants



Case study: Shieldpay for M&A

International payee management and compliance risk



Ready to speak to a payments expert?

Get in touch to find out how Shieldpay can support your firm's payments on what you’re working on today.
Save time, reduce risk and provide enhanced experiences to your customers.