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Anthony Rose (Guest author)

Shieldcast: Episode 011

Anthony Rose on standardising documents and deal terms

Co-founder and CEO of SeedLegals Anthony Rose discusses the standardisation of documents and deal terms in funding rounds, the macro effects of tech disruptors and what to consider when expanding product offering.


In this Transaction Management episode of Shieldcast, Anthony and Geoff discuss:

  • Why and how funding rounds have changed in recent years
  • To what extent documents and deal terms can be standardised
  • How to use the 'software eats the world' model
  • Why new tech companies need to consider the long-term impact and macro effects of their products/services
  • What to consider when expanding product offering and new features

About our guest

Anthony Rose is co-founder and CEO at SeedLegals, a legaltech platform that lets startups and investors complete the legals needed to build, grow and fund their business, at a fraction of the cost of using a law firm. More than one in six of all early-stage funding rounds in the UK are now done on SeedLegals.

In 2015 Anthony founded 6Tribes, a world of communities based on shared interests. Previously, Anthony co-founded Beamly, a social and content network for television, which was acquired by Coty in 2015.

Known as “The man behind BBC iPlayer”, Anthony ran the iPlayer and other BBC services from 2007 to 2010, taking the iPlayer from pre-launch to major success story.

Learn more about SeedLegals:

Website: seedlegals.com

LinkedIn: SeedLegals

Twitter: @SeedLegals

Anthony contributed to our recent Transaction Management eBook. You can read his insights on how data will drive deal terms in the future by downloading the book here

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