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Amy Bell
Amy Bell

Shieldcast: Episode 007

Modern Law: Amy Bell on compliance as law firms change businesses models and adopt technology at pace

Amy Bell, co-founder of Teal Compliance and Teal Legal, discusses how lawyers can stay ahead of the curve in compliance and navigate the deep waters of regulation through technology, with host Geoff Dunnett.


In this Modern Law episode of Shieldcast, Amy and Geoff discuss:

Amy’s latest book Solicitors & Money Laundering and Compliance That Works is published in autumn 2020.

In this Modern Law episode of Shieldcast, Amy and Geoff discuss:

  • What are the challenges of compliance in an ever-changing legal landscape
  • How the advent of Alternative Business Structures (ABSs) have upped the stakes for maintaining competitive advantage
  • When new technology and stakeholders can co-exist and collaborate for tackling real life threats and opportunities
  • Why common approaches to compliance and anti-money laundering prevention are not enough as we adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Listen to this Modern Law edition of Shieldcast to find out more!

About our guest

An early pioneer of modern compliance approaches, Amy has built a solid reputation for helping firms adapt to the changing legal landscape. Founding Teal Compliance in January 2018, Amy’s team provide support to law firms and help them to understand compliance, showing them how to apply risk management principles to improve client service and deliver efficiencies.

Amy’s passion and expertise in compliance and regulation has made her a popular industry speaker, with contributions for the Law Society, the ARK Group, MBL Seminars as well as local Law Societies.

A member and former Chair of the Law Society's Money Laundering Task Force, where she represents the solicitors profession at government and in Europe, Amy is also the author of the Law Society's Anti-Bribery Toolkit, their Anti Money Laundering Training courses, and co-author of the 4th edition of Solicitors and Money Laundering.