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Daniel Porus
Daniel Porus

Shieldcast: Episode 008

Modern Law: Daniel Porus on building user-centred products and scaling a legal tech company globally

Nick Kirby, Legal Director at Mishcon de Reya discusses building specialist technology teams, starting incubators, and how tech has transformed the legal industry.


In this Modern Law episode of Shieldcast, Daniel and Geoff discuss:

  • What insights and challenges of the legal industry can influence technology and innovation
  • Why ‘billable hours’ is a false KPI, now clients and users increasingly demand more from the legal industry
  • When firms are most likely to be open to change and how legal tech can collaborate with stakeholders on solutions
  • How legal tech innovators can penetrate new markets and scale up for increased demand in challenging times.

Listen to this Modern Law edition of Shieldcast to find out more!

About our guest

Prior to Legatics, Daniel worked as a corporate solicitor at leading New Zealand and Australian firms.

His frustrations with the inefficiencies of his day-to-day practice ultimately led him to Cambridge University Judge Business School and, following business school, Daniel has been combining his interest in technology and knowledge of the working practices of lawyers at Legatics to address what had driven him away from the law and help to improve its practice for lawyers of the future.

Daniel holds an MBA from Cambridge University and an LLB/BA Economics from the University of Auckland and has turned six years of experience as a legal professional to building one of the leading lights of legaltech.