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Crispin Passmore
Crispin Passmore

Shieldcast: Episode 006

Modern Law: Crispin Passmore on regulation, regulators and their role in fostering innovation

Crispin Passmore, Founder and principle of Passmore Consulting discusses regulation with Shieldcast host Geoff Dunnett.


In this Modern Law episode of Shieldcast, Crispin and Geoff discuss:

In this Modern Law episode of Shieldcast, Crispin and Geoff discuss::

  • What the key drivers for regulatory change mean for both lawyers and clients, and they can both influence innovation
  • When the justice system and public interest conflict, a catalyst for change is created
  • Why a digital approach to lawyering fosters positive, responsive consumer-led regulation
  • How the developing landscape of lawyering may advance in a brave new world.

Listen to this Modern Law edition of Shieldcast to find out more!

About our guest

In this new series dedicated to Modern Law, Shieldcast host Geoff Dunnett discusses the contentious topic of regulation with Crispin Passmore and how it may ultimately influence innovation and technology for a new post-Covid world.

Prior to consulting, Crispin led the regulatory reform programme at the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), and prior to the SRA, Crispin helped to set up the Legal Services Board (LSB), which involved setting up its own regulatory model to oversee existing professional body regulators (including the SRA) – making Crispin no stranger to change and innovation.

Crispin’s deep and broad knowledge has been built over more than 25 years in the legal market in a number of roles, pioneering new approaches to arguably a previously inert industry.