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Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan

Shieldcast: Episode 002

Fundraising: Tariq Khan on Fundraising

Financial services regulatory and transactional lawyer turned entrepreneur Tariq Khan discusses his experiences as a founding partner of Outrun Ventures, Techstars mentor, much sought-after start-up advisor and angel investor.


In this episode of Shieldcast:

With insight across all parts of the fundraising ecosystem, Tariq discusses how companies can make the life of an investor easier during the fundraising process, how investors can really add value to their companies by being part of the journey and how his investment thesis centres on finding businesses that make money, but that have a net positive social impact.

  • What’s the best way a company can reach out to an investor?
  • Does Linkedin work for finding investors?
  • What’s key to making the fundraising run smoothly?
  • What could cause unease for an investor?

Listen to this fundraising edition of Shieldcast to find out!