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Peter Janes
Peter Janes

Shieldcast: Episode 001

Fundraising: Peter Janes on Fundraising

Shieldpay’s Founder and CEO, Peter Janes, discusses his fundraising experiences and offers valuable insights into the fundamentals of completing a round, with Shieldcast host Geoff Dunnett.


In this episode of Shieldcast:

In this very special inaugural episode of Shieldcast, Geoff Dunnett, Professional Services Director at Shieldpay, discusses fundraising for businesses with Peter Janes.

Peter discusses the processes adopted for capital fundraising, the types of investors businesses now have access to, and his source of greatest learning.

Fundraising is nothing new to Shieldpay’s Founder and CEO, Peter Janes. Now with eight funding rounds and three startups to his name including an exit with The Post Network and some lessons learnt with Shopa, Peter talks through his own experiences and offers some valuable insights into the fundamentals of successfully fundraising for a business.