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Time is Money: Counting the cost of client money management for law firms

Our latest research report looks into the main challenges law firms come up against when handling client monies in-house.

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Discover the main challenges law firms are up against when handling client monies in-house

Law firms in the UK have relied upon operating client accounts for many years as a traditional way of managing transactions on behalf of their clients. However, that said, we’re seeing more firms moving away from this and exploring alternative solutions to handle client monies and deal payments.

To understand the ‘why’ behind this shift, we’ve released our newest report to gain insight into the current client money management landscape, clarity around the challenges law firms’ face, and examine the way transactions are set to evolve

We surveyed over 100 law professionals at the Top 100 law firms in the UK, to hone in on the attitude towards handling client money, and outline the alternative options available for law firms. 

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The top methods used by the top UK law firms to manage transaction payments on behalf of clients
  • The main barriers law professionals come up against when handling client funds and facilitating payments -  taking them away from spending their valuable time on higher level billable tasks
  • How both law firms and their clients can benefit from outsourcing client account functions – with a focus on improving the customer experience

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