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Willem Wellinghoff
Willem Wellinghoff

Shieldcast: Episode 004

Fundraising: Willem Wellinghoff on knowing your investor

Shieldpay's Chief Legal and Compliance Officer Willem Wellinghoff shares his tips for successful due diligence for each stage of the fundraising journey.


In this episode of Shieldcast:

As companies begin fundraising activities in a post-lockdown world, the fight against fraudulent investment activity and exploit will be more integral than ever when closing day comes.

Learn why researching your investor profiles is not only key to closing day success but also the long term execution of your business.

Willem will help you answer the following fundraising challenges:

  • Which investors should you attract to control potential risk factors?
  • What steps can you take for checking and knowing your investors?
  • How can you ensure legitimate funds for sustainable business growth?

Listen to this fundraising edition of Shieldcast to find out!