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clare ducksbury
Clare Ducksbury

Shieldcast: Episode 016

Clare Ducksbury on the role technology plays in class action claims

Founder and CEO of Case Pilots Clare Ducksbury joins Shieldpay's Daniel Dunne to discuss the role technology plays in the class actions claims process, touching on the importance of collaboration with law firms and how putting the claimant first is absolutely paramount to managing a successful case.



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In this Class Actions episode of Shieldcast, Clare and Daniel discuss:  

  • How legal technology supporting collective action cases has developed over the past 20 or so years - Clare takes us back to 1998!
  • The importance of implementing digital technologies to better meet the needs of claimants and their expectations of speed and convenience
  • Why law firms and tech providers need to focus on educating the public to better establish the new regime in the UK and across Europe
  • How key players in the market can better collaborate and support the long-term evolution of the regime


About our guest

Clare Ducksbury is the Founder and CEO of Case Pilots, an acclaimed provider of claims administration services. Clare set up Case Pilots five and a half years ago with the vision to provide a comprehensive, outsourced service for legal teams that focuses primarily on the interests of the claimants and allows lawyers to concentrate on legal strategy.  

Prior to Case Pilots, Clare set up and managed the Claims Resolution Tribunal for Holocaust Dormant Bank Accounts in Switzerland and spent 10 years as a Partner at Forensic Risk Alliance. She is also a certified Legal Project Practitioner and has advised the International Criminal Court in The Hague.  

Learn more about Case Pilots: 

Website: casepilots.com

LinkedIn: Case Pilots Limited

Twitter: @CasePilots

Case Pilots recently partnered with Shieldpay to provide fully digital class action compensation payments. You can read more about our partnership here