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Streamlining an IP and technology transaction


A case study in escrow efficiency

Deal overview

A UK-based technology company specialising in product development embarked on a significant project to manage the payments flow for their latest IP development, worth over $8 million.

The project required a complex transaction structure involving a total of 26 payments (inwards and outwards) over a 24-month period, with funds being released at key milestones.



Total value: $8+ million

International: 2 jurisdictions

Complex payments flow: 11 payments in, 15 payments out


The technology company faced considerable challenges in managing the payment schedule for selling their IP to a French company. The buyer required a secure and transparent process to ensure that payments were made in line with the agreed development plan. Both parties sought an efficient, secure, and transparent escrow solution to facilitate this complex transaction.

  • Timely fund release: Coordinating the release of funds at contractual milestones was critical to ensure the project stayed on track.
  • Enhanced security: Ensuring the secure holding and transfer of substantial funds between parties in different jurisdictions was paramount.
  • Trust establishment: Building trust between the parties required a credible payments partner specialised in securely managing high-value transactions.

Given the complexity of the funds flow, the parties required a payments partner capable of streamlining the transaction from initial payment to project completion, including all milestones in between. Shieldpay was chosen for its ability to provide a secure and transparent fund management solution.

  • Safeguarded funds: Shieldpay held funds in ring-fenced, segregated accounts with its Tier 1 banking partners, ensuring that all funds were safe until the agreed-upon milestones were met. This provided reassurance to both the buyer and the seller.
  • Authorised payments out: Both the UK-based technology company and the French buyer were bound by the escrow agreement. Funds were released at each milestone only after the authorised signatories from both sides confirmed that the contractual terms for that phase of the project had been met. Payments were made on the same day or the next day upon receiving the co-signed release notice.

Secure and transparent fund management

By using Shieldpay’s Escrow Solution, both the buyer and seller experienced a seamless and secure payment process.

The technology-enabled payments process facilitated better communication between the parties, providing visibility over the status of funds held and the outwards payments made over the course of 24 months.

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