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Jen DicksonJan-12 20229 min read

The top 10 legaltech podcasts to listen to

Cut through the noise of the podcasting world and learn from the very best of the legaltech podcasts in 2022!


Podcasting has taken over. While the medium has been around since about 2004, it has only been in recent years that it has exploded. There is now a podcast from anyone, anywhere about anything. According to industry data, there are nearly 3 million podcasts available on streaming platforms, totalling over 123 million episodes.  

These numbers are pretty overwhelming, but they reflect the general trend that more people are listening to episodes, and more regularly. Whether at work doing some admin tasks, commuting into the office or just at home cleaning your kitchen, podcasts can be a way to learn, be motivated, stay informed of current events, or just to laugh and have a bit of fun.  

To help guide you through the millions of available podcasts, we’ve put together our top picks of specialised legaltech podcasts and episodes. These are currently available and regularly updated shows that feature brilliant guests and the latest news on all things legaltech. 

In no particular order, here are our favourite podcasts and links for you to check them out:  

1. The Law of Tech  

The Law of Tech discusses how the legal world can prepare for tomorrow and the enormous challenges and exciting opportunities at the intersection of law and digital technologies. The podcast, founded and hosted by Hadassah Drukarch, aims to equip (aspiring) legal professionals with the knowledge & insights necessary to understand the ongoing technology-driven transformation of the law, legal profession, and legal industry. 

The format of the podcast is interview-based, going into detail on one topic with a leader in the space to give listeners a greater understanding which they can action as they grow and develop in the legal industry. 

Recent stand-out episodes include: 

Encouraging the transition towards the legaltech profession w/ sally sfeir tait 
  • Hadassah discusses why it is important to encourage the transition towards the LegalTech profession with Sally Sfeir Tait, CEO of RegulAItion

Exploring the power of social media within the legal profession w/ colin levy 
  • The episode with Colin Levy, corporate lawyer, LegalTech evangelist, speaker and writer, and legal change agent, explores how legal practitioners can harness the power social media to market their practice or to maintain a professional presence online

2. LegalTech Matters 

LegalTech Matters is dedicated to creating conversations about technology, trends, and innovation for law firms and companies – big and small. Produced by Litera and hosted by leading legal journalists, consultants and lawyers, the episodes are released bi-weekly as conversations with leaders in the legaltech space around the globe, exploring everything from pro-bono work to acquiring new customers. 

Recent stand-out episodes include: 

What about the client? Leveraging legal tech to deliver concrete value 
  • Bob Ambrogi leads an expert panel to discuss some of the key findings from The Changing Lawyer 2021 report: the boom in legal technology adoption; how lawyers are now working more efficiently than ever before; how savvy firms are gaining a competitive edge; and how lawyers can deliver new client value.
Innovation in AI is real and making an immediate impact 
  • Joe Borstein talks with Evan Shenkman about innovation in the legal industry, which has seen an explosion of talent and start-ups in recent years. 


3. Technically Legal 

Technically Legal is a podcast about legal technology, legal innovation and the impact of tech on the law and legal industry. The episodes feature a legal innovator as they discuss what tools they are developing or implementing into their practice.  

Chad Main, an attorney and founder of Percipient, hosts the podcast and releases episodes bi-monthly.  

Recent stand-out episodes include: 

Cyber Incident Response: What Really Goes On Behind the Scenes – Luke Green (Beazley) & Josh Sudbury (Lodestone) 
  • On the show, Luke and Josh break down what happens when an organisation is hacked, the key stages of a cyber incident response plan, and discuss what companies can do ahead of time to prevent attacks
What’s Going on With Blockchain and the Law (2021 Edition) With Lewis Cohen of DLx Law 
  • The episode focuses on all things blockchain, including crypto mining, smart contracts, regulation and NFTs. Guest Lewis Cohen explains what a blockchain network is as well as the legal and intellectual property implications of NFTs and decentralised autonomous organisations.  

 4. The Wired Wig 

The Wired Wig describes itself as ‘the community for technology driven and creative lawyers’. The founder, Annabel Pemberton, created the platform as a way to bridge the education gap between lawyers and their colleagues in technology companies. The podcast demystifies technology for lawyers and educates the audience about the role of law in tomorrow’s society. 

Recent stand-out episodes include: 

How Can Lawyers Use AI? w/ Noah Waisberg | AI For Lawyers | Kira Systems 
  • In this episode, Noah and I spoke about how he got into legal tech, how AI applies in the legal space, use cases legal teams can be inspired by, utilise and replicate, and why AI’s usage is not going anywhere.
Reengineering Legal w/ Jay Smith | SenseCheck | Stephenson Law 
  • In this episode, we discuss why Jay transitioned into legal engineering, his work on a day-to-day basis, and how he codes from scratch but also utilizes off-the-shelf products. We also discuss Jay’s own startup, SenseCheck, designed to streamline KYC processes and make AML joyful.

5. Delivering Legal Solutions Differently  

The new podcast from arch.law is hosted by the company’s founder and CEO, Andrew Leaitherland. Each episode is an interview with a key legal industry voice to share with the audience their expertise, insight and knowledge.  

Recent stand-out episodes include:  

6. The Digital Solicitor 

This podcast, produced by legal software provider LEAP, puts solicitors at the forefront of online innovation in legal services. 

Recent stand-out episodes have included:  

Legal technology: Driving profits through improved customer service 
  • This podcast looks at the technology required to deliver on this increased customer demand and the positive impact that its implementation can have on a law firm's revenue, reputation and growth. 
Has technology fundamentally changed the practise of law and what it means to be competitive? 
  • This informative podcast will explore how and why technology is impacting the sustainability and competitiveness of firms by examining cloud working, process automation, real-time client collaboration and self-serve portals 


7. The Legalpreneurs Sandbox  

This podcast is produced by the Centre for Legal Innovation at the College of Law and is just one of the many resources this organisation produces on best practice for law firms. The episodes feature a range of guests, from established lawyers at top firms to legaltech entrepreneurs and everything in between and around the areas.  

This is a well-established podcast, regularly posting out new episodes and including mini-series exploring one topic in-depth. Each episode is packed full of insights, most being at least an hour long with multiple guests to give a rounded view on every topic.  

Recent stand-out episodes include: 

Innovation and Legaltech in 2021 - A Year in Review 
Automation Mini Series (Episode 1): What legal automation is and why you should care 
  • The first episode of seven in the automation series guided us through the basics of legal innovation.  
8. Law Next 

The Law Next podcast offers ‘interviews with the Innovators and Entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in law’. This podcast began back in 2018 and is now well established, having produced over 150 episodes to date with guests from across the legal industry.  

Bob Ambrogi, host and leader in legal tech and innovation, releases weekly discussions with key figures in the legaltech space. From legal technology startups to new law firm business models to enhancing access to justice, Bob and his guests explore the future of law and legal practice. 

Recent stand-out episodes include: 

CEO Kiwi Camara on DISCO’s Public Offering and the State of Legal Tech 
  • On this episode of LawNext, Kiwi Camara, DISCO’s cofounder and CEO, joins host Bob Ambrogi to discuss DISCO’s public offering and its implications for the company and the broader legal tech market. He also shares his thoughts on the key factors driving the explosion of interest in legal tech, and offers his predictions on where the legal market is heading. 
Zach Posner on The Legaltech Fund, the First VC Firm Dedicated to Legal Tech 
  • Posner, a three-time entrepreneur before becoming an investor and now managing director of The Legaltech Fund, joins host Bob Ambrogi to discuss why he created a fund devoted to legal tech, the opportunities he sees there, and the kinds of companies in which he is interested in investing. 


9. Legally Speaking Podcast

The Legally Speaking Podcast aims to inspire, educate and entertain, providing the ultimate way of learning more about the exciting world of legal. Robert Hanna, legal careers expert and entrepreneur, hosts the podcast and has created more than 120 episodes, plus several mini-series, featuring an incredible line-up of guests.  

Recent stand-out episodes include: 

Introduction to cryptocurrency and bitcoin

  • Digital assets, fintech and cryptocurrency expert Charles Kerrigan joins the podcast to speak about the role of the lawyer in digital currencies and NFTs as well as the what the metaverse could mean for law firms

What is legal design?

  • Robert Hanna speaks to Sarah Ouis about her company 'Law but How?' and her career from in-house legal counsel to content creator and legaltech design manager

 9.5 (BONUS). Legaltech Arcade

While this podcast only has 12 episodes to date, they have been well-received in the legaltech community. Rob MacAdam, host of the podcast, interviews some of the leading voices in the industry. The last one released was in June 2021 so we hope he continues to produce the episodes!


10. Shieldcast 

We couldn’t produce a list of the top legaltech podcasts without giving ourselves a little bit of shameless promo.  

Shieldcast showcases industry figures, partners, clients and employees as subject matter experts and provides useful and actionable insights on how to overcome the key business challenges of today. 

Our Managing Director, Geoff Dunnett, hosts the episodes and invites on special guests to discuss and explore key areas of legaltech. Since our first episode with SPG founder, Peter Janes, in July 2020, we have released three series: Fundraising, Modern Law and Transaction Management – with a fourth now in the pipeline!  

While we would say all of our 15 episodes to date are stand-outs, here are our three most-listened to interviews:  

Fundraising: Peter Janes on Fundraising 
  • Shieldpay’s Founder and CEO, Peter Janes, discusses his fundraising experiences and offers valuable insights into the fundamentals of completing a round 
Modern Law: Nick Kirby on Technology 
  • Nick Kirby, Legal Director at Mishcon de Reya discusses building specialist technology teams, starting incubators, and how tech has transformed the legal industry. 
Transaction Management: Eliot Benzecrit on why contracts are enablers, not blockers 
  • Co-founder of Avvoka, Eliot Benzecrit, discusses the importance of data in contracts, whether automation tools should aim to co-exist with Microsoft Word and how to achieve interoperability of legaltech platforms. 

With a new series on its way, why not subscribe to our podcast on your preferred podcast platform? You'll have the episodes downloaded as soon as each new episode is released. And, if you enjoy them, please leave a review! 


You can listen to episodes of Shieldcast on all major streaming platforms (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc), or you can access them all on our Resource Centre here: https://resources.shieldpay.com/en-gb/podcasts  


Jen Dickson

Marketing Manager at Shieldpay