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ShieldpayDec-06 20221 min read

Shieldpay partners with financial services provider Mollie


Partnership to facilitate fully digitised payments for the professional services industry

Shieldpay, the market leader in solving complex B2B payments, has today announced a partnership with payment service provider, Mollie, one of Europe’s fastest-growing financial services providers. The partnership will enable Shieldpay clients to have their payments needs fully digitised, from routine payments requiring straight-through processing up to high value, complex B2B transactions. 

Where businesses have traditionally sent invoices with payment details for bank transfer or cheque payment, now they will be able to incorporate online payment links, allowing the customer to click and pay instantaneously via Mollie for an easier, more convenient process. Businesses will also have access to Mollie’s payments data, bespoke dashboards and comprehensive reporting features, and more, alongside the security of Shieldpay’s digital escrow solution.

This joint venture marries Mollie’s capabilities for seamless, frictionless payments processing of B2B transactions with Shieldpay’s digital escrow and payment disbursement functionality. Through this collaboration, Shieldpay and Mollie will be strongly positioned to best meet the complex B2B payments needs of the professional services sector and beyond. 

Today’s announcement marks the start of a shared mission to empower professional services businesses, in particular law firms, by taking away the burden of managing outdated payments systems and ease reporting and other accounting requirements of finance teams. Shieldpay and Mollie will be working together to grow the partnership in 2023 with a view to expand beyond the UK with an integrated payments offering.


Daniel Dunne, Head of Partnerships at Shieldpay commented: 

“This newly formed partnership with Mollie is an important expansion of the Shieldpay payments network. Together, we are able to work with our clients to transform their payments function, enabling them to have faster, streamlined, digital processes for all their transactions.”


Michaela Weber, Vice President of Partnerships at Mollie said:

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Shieldpay. The professional services industry is long overdue a revolution with its payments processing and we’re excited to see where our joint venture and continued innovation alongside Shieldpay will take us. We look forward to working with Shieldpay to deliver fully digitised, seamless payments for the professional services industry, and beyond.”