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Sophie Condie, COO, Shieldpay
Sophie CondieOct-26 20231 min read

PayPod: Making complex transactions simple with Sophie Condie


Sophie Condie speaks to PayPod host Jacob Hollabaugh to discuss the key trends and challenges in the legal sector when it comes to payments. 


During this episode, you’ll gain insights into the unique challenges faced by the legal and professional services industry when it comes to complex transactions and payment management. Explore the impact of cybercrime, the complexities of holding client funds, and the time-intensive nature of KYC collection. Learn how Shieldpay is transforming these challenges into opportunities for innovation, streamlining operations, and ensuring the security of high-value complex transactions.



Topics covered: 

In this conversation with Sophie Condie, we explore the rising trends in the legal sector, the impact of cybercrime on law firms, the challenges of managing client funds, and the complexities of KYC collection and verification in the world of complex transactions. We also dive into the importance of transparency, operational models, and authentic partnerships in the fintech industry. Plus, we touch upon the disruption and disaggregation of corporate banking and its potential impact on the complex transactions and financial services landscape. 

About PayPod

PayPod has been the leading voice in the payments and fintech industry since 2019, covering everything from credit card processing and digital payment technologies to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and merchant accounts.

The podcast aims to provide listeners with valuable insights and knowledge that can help them stay informed and ahead of industry trends with each episode featuring an interview with a leader from the payments and fintech space.

Previous guests include fintech entrepreneurs, security experts, mobile developers, and eCommerce professionals.


This episode of PayPod can be found on the Soar Payments website here: https://www.soarpay.com/2023/10/shieldpay/ 

Sophie Condie

Sophie Condie is Chief Operating Officer at Shieldpay.