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Georgina WhitmoreMay-12 20233 min read

Talk menopause: Our learnings and new policy

Georgina Whitmore, Head of People, Culture and Development at Shieldpay, reflects on the importance of supporting women's health and wellness in the workplace and announces Shieldpay's new menopause policy. 


Shieldpay is proud to be among a growing number of companies that are recognising the importance of supporting women's health and wellness in the workplace. This is part of a larger movement towards creating more inclusive workplaces that prioritise employee well-being. In recent years, companies have become more aware of the importance of providing support for employees' mental and physical health, and this has extended to women's health and men's health as well.  

We have implemented a new policy which expands our health and wellbeing benefits to support the needs of individuals experiencing perimenopause and menopause. We believe it is important that employers recognize that menopause can be a challenging time for the person as well as the impacts it may have on their families, friends and colleagues. 100% of people with a female-assigned reproductive system a will go through menopause, and it will affect everyone in some way whether directly or indirectly. We want to ensure that anyone experiencing this change feel comfortable, valued and assured in Shieldpay’s support.  

We would like to thank Women of Fintech for encouraging and facilitating this conversation. We began to explore implementing a new menopause policy after our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Claire Van der Zant, was invited to speak on an International Women’s Day panel focused on menopause. The positive impact this event had on Claire and the Shieldpay team who attended cemented the need for us to develop a formal policy and address the role employers play in supporting individuals through this time in their lives.  

With the advice of Women of Fintech, we have updated our health and wellness policy to ensure our team is educated on the topic and we are fostering an environment that promotes open communication. If a team member requires any adjustments, such as a more flexible working policy, managers are prepared to talk through how Shieldpay can support the individual to continue to be successful in their role.  

In addition to this, we now offer access to new tools and support services for Shieldpay employees and their families. We are a partner of Balance, a community that specialises in supporting individuals affected by all stages of menopause. The Balance+ app has been built with medically approved content from some of the best specialists and doctors in the menopause arena, all coming together to help users optimise their mental and physical health. On the app, users can track their symptoms, access personalized expert content, and book consultations with specialists. All Shieldpay employees can request a free subscription to this service.  

Claire shared her experience of how our new policy has supported her: 

“At 38, going through perimenopause wasn’t something I understood at first, and it was because of Shieldpay’s proactive approach of educating the team about all stages of menopause that I was able to identify and subsequently address what was happening for me. I’ve since used our healthcare support and apps and can manage the changes that are happening for me and be confident that I have the full support of Shieldpay.” 

At Shieldpay, we are committed to supporting all our employees, regardless of their gender or age. We believe that by creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace, we can help our employees to reach their full potential. We hope that our new menopause policy will not only support our employees experiencing symptoms, but also encourage more open conversations about how Shieldpay can offer support to our employees so we can all thrive in the workplace.  

I am incredibly proud of Shieldpay and our new menopause policy. As Head of People, Culture and Development, I am committed to ensuring that our female employees feel supported and valued during this important stage of their lives. I encourage all our employees to take advantage of the benefits included in our new policy and to seek support if they need it. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all. 


Georgina Whitmore

Georgina Whitmore is Head of People, Culture and Development at Shieldpay.