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Support For Vulnerable Customers

Vulnerable Customers


At Shieldpay, we understand that some of our customers may be experiencing challenging circumstances, and we want to assure you that we are here to support them through these difficult times.

We recognise that there are various vulnerabilities that our customers may face, including times of stress or anxiety, physical or mental health conditions, technology unawareness, financial vulnerabilities and language barriers.  

We have developed processes and procedures to ensure that we can address these vulnerabilities and provide the necessary support to our customers.

Our trained Customer Operations staff are ready to listen and provide guidance to help you navigate through any challenges you may be facing. We are committed to treating all our customers with empathy, respect, and dignity, and we ensure that our processes do not cause any further harm or unintended consequences.

We want to assure we are committed to providing a safe and secure payment solution as well as being dedicated to providing the necessary support to our customers who may be experiencing challenging circumstances. Our empathy, care and commitment to our customers set us apart, and we strive to be a business that our customers can rely on.

How we support vulnerable customers:

Times of stress or anxiety (including bereavement, divorce, change of name, illness):

Shieldpay has clear processes and support in place for users experiencing life-changing events on how they can communicate with us to change / amend details, without causing further stress.  We are available for users to seek assistance and staff are trained to ensure the user's voice is heard.  

Physical/mental conditions, disabilities, and learning conditions:

Shieldpay is contracted by the legal representatives (law firm) on behalf of secondary customers or end-users.  We have processes in place to ensure efficient flow of information between law firms and Shieldpay to ensure no delays in processing payments to the end-users.  

Technology unawareness:

Our product design includes alternative methods for customers to engage with the Firm to capture personal data, ensuring even non-tech-savvy customers can easily engage with Shieldpay.

Financial vulnerabilities (including lack of mobile banking, email account or mobile phone):

Shieldpay offers alternative communication channels and timely updates to end-users, ensuring effective engagement and understanding for those in financial distress or impacted by fraud. Shieldpay also works with law firms to provide alternative payment methods for end-users who do not hold a bank account.

English language difficulties:

Shieldpay works with law firms to ensure translation are services available for end-users whose first language is not English and encourages end-users to express themselves in their preferred language using interpreters. Shieldpay uses clear and simple language materials and allows more time for end-users to complete required actions when information must be provided in English.

Should you have any questions, please speak with our Customer Operations Team by phone 0208 610 9599 in the UK, or by email: support@shieldpay.com  or by post 3rd Floor, 1 Ashley Road, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 2DT, United Kingdom.