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Simon MastersApr-23 20212 min read

Stress Awareness Month - Regaining connectivity, certainty and control

Managing stress and our mental health has never been more important which is why we are engaging with and supporting Stress Awareness Month.  The month-long initiative has been held every April since 1992 to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. This year’s theme is regaining connectivity, certainty and control’.  


Understanding our team’s needs

Shieldpay recognises that managing stress is no easy feat and for many the past year of new challenges has made it especially so. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and under pressure can take a toll on both our mental and physical health and we want to support the wellbeing of our team in every way possible.


Implementing tools for mental fitness

We’re proud to have put a focus on the health of our employees through the provision of a benefits package able to provide care and support for a wide range of health needs. Our health insurance is what we believe to be the industry leading provider for mental (and physical) health cover, to provide professional, uncapped support to our people.  

Last year we announced that in addition to our unlimited annual leave, we would introduce a monthly mental health day. This gives anyone the ability to step away from work when they need a day to have a break and reset – no need to book in advance or state a reason for taking the day off.  

In appreciation of Stress Awareness Month this year, we have added a membership to the Calm app to our benefits package for all employees. While we have provisions for seeking professional consultations for physical and mental health, the meditation, sleep and relaxation app encourages regular strengthening of mental fitness for those who wish to take a moment out of their day to regain connectivity, certainty and control. 

Starting this month, we are also running a no-meetings day on the last Friday of the month, giving us all a break from sitting on calls and meetings, to free up some work-time for us to get the headspace we can often miss. 


Developing and improving our working environment

Our benefits are not the end-all and be-all of what we do at Shieldpay. We believe that it’s important to provide the best services we can to support our employees, but moreover each of these needs to feed into developing a working environment where everyone feels comfortable talking about their mental health and can reach out if they need extra support. By continually asking for feedback from our team, evaluating what we're doing, and researching new initiatives, we are constantly evolving and improving around the needs of our people. 



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Simon Masters

Simon is Director of People and Talent at Shieldpay