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Flexible solutions for your every need

Save time, reduce administration and complete your deals with confidence.

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Third-Party Managed Accounts

Enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce administrative costs by outsourcing your Client Account function, either fully or partially.

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Simplify complicated transactions and mitigate transactional risk with holdback escrows for price adjustments, W&I claims, retention amounts for performance protection and more.


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Paying Agent

Streamline even the most complex transactions to ensure secure, efficient and simultaneous settlement of payments to shareholders across multiple jurisdictions.


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Fundraising Accounts

Secure investment funds in escrow until your target raise figure is achieved. Benefit from peace of mind that all parties have passed KYC and AML checks and have fully committed funds to the fundraising target.


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Project Accounts

Distribute funds for construction projects with complete transparency. Administer contract payments and award milestone payments to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.


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Litigation payments

Shieldpay simplifies the process by automating the payment of compensation awards to large numbers of claimants, reducing risks and minimising administrative costs.

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API Integrations for platforms

Grow your fintech or legaltech business with Shieldpay's flexible suite of APIs. We take care of all Due Diligence and provide your clients with a secure and simple way to complete transactions of any nature.


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For all industries

icon-charcoal-justice Law firms Replace your client account with a TPMA or use our escrow and paying agent solutions for corporate deals
icon-charcoal-cash-coins-gbp Financial services Distribute loans using our TPMA solution, hold collateral in escrow or set up controlled accounts for repayments
icon-charcoal-house Real estate Performance and protection escrow for construction, retention amounts, project accounts and more
icon-charcoal-bank Advisory services Controlled accounts for fees, restructuring account requirements, paying agent solutions and escrow
icon-charcoal-city Corporates Demonstrate working capital, raise funds, sell your business or protect against supply chain risk with our escrow solution
icon-charcoal-interface Tech platforms Build and scale your business via our flexible suite of APIs which cover all of our solutions

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