Why Shieldpay?

With our bank grade identity checks and funds held securely in Escrow, you’re protected.

Trusted tradespeople that have
been ID checked

Funds held in the vault until you’re
happy to release

Keep control of your project and
payments in real time

How does it work?

What does it cost?

  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee

You pay 2% of the transaction value.

As an example, you accept a quote of £10,000 for a bathroom refurb.

You agree to use Shieldpay and pay a £200 fee (2%) for peace of mind.

When we replaced our windows we paid our builder using Shieldpay. It was great my money was protected while the work was being done. Our builder liked the fact that his payment was held with Shieldpay before he started work.

Millie, Home owner

Common questions

Protected payments on Rated People are powered by Shieldpay.

Shieldpay verify the identity of both homeowner and tradesperson in any transaction.

Payment is then held securely in escrow – the Shieldpay vault – and is only released when you both agree you’re happy that the work is complete, as you agreed.

If anything doesn’t go to plan, Shieldpay are also on hand to handle any disputes.

Anyone that uses Shieldpay to send or receive money is verified using bank-grade security checks. This means you can have total confidence that everyone has been verified with our robust Know Your Customer (KYC) or Know Your Business (KYB) checks, so you always know the person or business you're dealing with is legitimate.

Once the buyer has funded the Shieldpay vault, we will only release the funds when both buyer and seller have agreed they’re happy to do so. This means both sides are protected, in any transaction.

We also verify that the bank account used to receive the funds from Shieldpay actually belongs to the Shieldpay account holder.

And, if anything doesn’t go to plan and you haven’t released funds from the Shieldpay vault, we will be on hand to help resolve any dispute.

Either side of a Shieldpay transaction can raise a dispute, as long as funds are still held in the Shieldpay vault.

If you’re not able to reach a resolution, then let us know – we’re happy to step in and assess the situation, as an independent third party, to help resolve the issue. If that still doesn’t work, we can refer you to our chosen arbitration service, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, also known as CEDR.

It’s important you let us know you are disputing the transaction as soon as possible, so we can freeze the transaction and hold the funds in the Shieldpay vault.

We’ll continue to hold the funds securely until both sides agree they’re happy to release them, or a final decision has been made, either between you and the other side, or by CEDR where the dispute has gone to arbitration.

Our identity verification checks involve more than two sources of data to ensure validity of information. We use third party data providers and have developed processes that have been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Users that do not pass our checks are not permitted to transact using Shieldpay so you can have total confidence that you are dealing with a legitimate person or business when you transact using Shieldpay.

Shieldpay verifies the identity of all users, so that you can transact with total confidence. We keep your money safe in the Shieldpay vault (where your money is held securely in escrow) until both parties agree they are happy.

Our fee includes these benefits for your peace of mind.

We accept the following payment methods to fund the Vault:

Credit card
Debit card
Bank transfer
Pay by Bank app

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Shieldpay fees

Transaction value Cost per transaction
Under £100 £3%
£100 - £1,000 2.5%
£1,000 - £5,000 2.0%
£5,000 - £50,000 1.5%
£50,000+ 1%

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