Create a Shield Payment to buy, sell and send money securely.


Setup a transfer in 10 seconds.

All users are verified by our robust security checks. You will never interact with someone who hasn’t been verified.


Add funds to the ShieldPay Vault.

ShieldPay holds and regulates payments through a secure vault. No one can touch these funds without your approval.


Release only when both sides are happy.

Funds will only be released and sent to the receiver when both sides agree the transaction has been successful.


Rely on us for protected payments

Unlike other payment services, Shield Payments are never released from the vault until both parties agree.
Our dedicated team of legal experts are there for you 365 days of the year to help you through your transaction every step of the way.

ShieldPay is regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority


The safest way to pay

Purchase or sale, product or service, ShieldPay protects them all.


Verified users

We verify the identity of all ShieldPay users so you don’t have to worry.


Regulated by the FCA

Your funds are in safe hands. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Know where your money is

Peace of mind feels good. Keep track of your money every step of the way.


365 customer support

Friendly, helpful and local customer support ready to help you should you need.


Instant digital escrow

Traditional escrow is slow expensive and offline. Setup a Shield Payment online in 30 seconds.

We’re making a difference

“Adding ShieldPay to my classified listing enables me to stop thinking locally and start selling nationally.”

Scott Harper