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We love our API and we know you will too. You can focus on creating beautiful experiences and we’ll take care of payments and regulation.

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Shieldpay API

Shieldpay API

Easily create multi-party and peer-to-peer escrow transactions.

Shieldpay features for developers

Shieldpay powers

Classifieds and Marketplaces, Banks, Lawyers, Investors and Escrow Agents.


Shieldpay API

Request access to our developer centre for the keys to our API and advanced features.

We designed the Shieldpay API in a RESTful way, making it simpler to integrate.

You can grab the code in our nifty output generator, supporting cURL | Python | Ruby | PHP | C#.

Shieldpay extras

Want to accept payments on your site? We’ve got you covered. And we’ve also got a host of fancy features that’ll excite you too!

Identity as a service

ID as a service

Create a trusted network of verified users to protect both sides.

Shieldpay split payments

Flexible participants

Full transparency and can be 1-1, many-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-many.

Invoice with Shieldpay


Place our invoicing button anywhere you like and get paid fast.

Shieldpay bids and offers

Listings, bids and offers

We take the hassle out of the haggle. Think eBay in a can.

Make offers with Shieldpay

Make offer

Pop this clever little button on site to receive offers in real time.

Driveway checkout with Shieldpay

Driveway checkout

Negotiate a price on the driveway, snap a photo to complete the sale.

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Control payments

Control payments with our 3-Stage process.

1. CreateA Shieldpay Payment involves two verified users (the buyer and seller) the amount and the currencies.

2. FundShieldpay can accept many payment methods, including Bank Transfers, Pay by Bank app and credit/debit cards.

3. AcceptAfter funds have cleared and the transaction is done, buyer and seller simply say they are happy to release the funds.

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Why Shieldpay?

Identity verification

Tap into our trusted network, we verify your customers for you

Shieldpay secure safe

Instant digital escrow payments for any platform or marketplace

Shieldpay funding methods

Choose any funding method with our hosted payment page

Payment triggers

Connect a payment trigger, such as fulfilment or smart contracts


Powerful JSON REST API, feature buttons and client side JavaScript

Instant payment notifications

Get instant payment notifications and powerful sales data

Shieldpay Marketplace API

Integrating Shieldpay means we have a fast, secure and fully transactional marketplace.

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