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Complete your transactions with confidence

Shieldpay provides simple and transparent payment solutions across the legal, financial and professional services industries.

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Solutions tailored to your transaction needs

We take care of customer due diligence, payments and transaction management through an easy-to-use platform with a team of experts on hand to assist.

Third-Party Managed Accounts Enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce administrative costs by outsourcing your Client Account function  

Set up a secure escrow facility within 48 hours with our standardised but fully flexible solution that suits any deal profile

Paying Agent Strategic solutions to solve for unique components of each deal and payment settlement to shareholders in multiple jurisdictions  
Litigation Accounts Demonstrate security for costs, ring fenced contested funds pending judgments, class actions or for the handling of settlement funds  
Project Accounts Administer contract payments and award milestone payments to ensure construction projects are delivered on time and on budget  
Fundraising Accounts

Secure funds in escrow until your target raise figure is achieved. Have peace of mind that all parties have passed KYC and AML checks


A streamlined process

Shieldpay's award-winning digital platform and expertise combine to improve the experience of all stakeholders in a transaction.
Transparency, efficiency and certainty across every deal.

Verify transaction parties

Robust KYC, AML and Bank Verification checks

Agree terms

Standardised contract terms for expedited review

Track funds status

Real-time visibility and notifications over status of funds

Make payments

Multiple payment methods with international reach

Handle client money with ease

With a flexible digital solution and our team always on hand to meet your transaction needs, payments for the professional services industry have never been easier.

icon-charcoal-document-speed Speed Unparalleled responsiveness and set up times you can rely on for any complexity and timeline
icon-charcoal-user-male Expertise Professional team of experts working alongside you at every stage of the transaction
icon-charcoal-vault Independent & Regulated Authorised and regulated by the FCA as a payment institution and by HMRC for Trust Services
icon-charcoal-wallet Cost effective Reclaim unbillable time with optimised processes and operational efficiencies
icon-charcoal-interface Digital led Real-time status updates and visibility of funds with platform led transaction processes
icon-charcoal-shield Risk mitigation Manage your risk with our robust processes to protect against fraud and human error

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Facilitating transactions for the professional services industry

icon-charcoal-justice Legal sector  
icon-charcoal-cash-coins-gbp Financial services  
icon-charcoal-house Real estate  
icon-charcoal-bank Advisory services  
icon-charcoal-city Corporates  
icon-charcoal-interface Tech platforms  

Save time. Reduce costs.
Mitigate risk.

Transactions don't need to be difficult, drawn-out processes requiring hours of admin. Contact us for a no-obligation quote today.
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